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Hello Friends,

Welcome to Target IAS Topper 2020. Finally, the wait is over. Here is the most effective, quality-proven, result-oriented still affordable programme for UPSC Civil Services Examination 2020.

We warmly welcome all sincere aspirants who want to crack IAS 2020 in one go. This year will be amazing for all our subscribers as we have added some new exciting features to our Flagship programme and also made changes in our techniques of content development in a more effective manner.

Let’s get started by congratulating all our readers who made Target IAS Topper 2019 a grand success. This year is our consecutive third year of monumental success. 2019 is a Hattrick Year of our Success. For the past three consecutive years, we are giving the concrete performance by achieving 81.66% Success Ration in UPSC Prelims Examination.

Check out our performance in UPSC Prelims 2019, 2018 and 2017 with their detailed proof documents. We don’t believe in claiming only those questions whose single keyword appear here or there in our resources. We believe in providing only concrete resources by following which anyone can beat the unpredictability of UPSC papers and secure marks much above the All India average.

Following are the links [Proof documents are given in their respective links]:

84 Questions in UPSC Prelims 2017, click here 

78 Questions in UPSC Prelims 2018, click here 

83 Questions in UPSC Prelims 2019, click here 

Not only we, but our followers also admit that these figures are remarkably excellent keeping in mind the unpredictable and changing nature of questions asked in UPSC examinations.

Today we are coming with a roadmap for IAS 2020 in the form of ‘Target IAS Topper 2020’ programme.

If IAS 2020 is your first effort, this is the correct moment to begin preparing for the UPSC 2020 Civil Service Exam and to strive for a rank without being concerned about any further attempts.

All you need is a proper guidance and strategy that increases your confidence day by day. The efforts you put will definitely produce results when you are under the correct guidance.

Right guidance and strategy assist you to remain focused till you achieve your dream.

After seeing many topers very closely and regularly interacting with them, we found that only committed, coherent and concentrated efforts will yield outcomes.

If you are trying to follow too many strategies, reading too many materials, looking for too many sources, you have very little chance of clearing the exam in a single attempt. These kinds of mistakes drive you in a completely wrong directions and even after using multiple attempts, your aim can’t be achieved. By trial and error, one can still clear this examination, but these experiments will waste many valuable years of your lives and life is valuable. We have seen many capable aspirants got exhausted in middle of their preparations.

To avoid being a victim of trials and errors and an exhausted candidate, one must strive hard to succeed in one single attempt.

Anyone who is determined to crack the exam at any cost and exhibit faith and hope in our Guidance can definitely succeed.

In this article, we will outline a complete Roadmap for IAS 2020 to enable you to achieve your objective. In this Roadmap, you will also confront with an effective, workable and result-oriented timetable.

The main objective of Target IAS Topper 2020 is to help you get a good rank.

Anyone can achieve a good rank with self-study. We believe in Self-study. Our entire emphasis is on Self Study. You don’t need to go anywhere for preparation strategy and resources. You will be extremely pleased to accomplish something through your own hard work and efforts.

Our Test Series and Flash Cards are designed in such a way that those who followed our timetable strictly could easily feel the difference within short span of time. Under our guidance, you will feel confident as you advance on our schedule day by day.

We observed the improvement of our subscribers’ performance from below 50 Marks in the first test to 150+ in the final test. It was possible for many only because of their endless confidence in our approach and their consistency until the end.

Everyone wants to work hard but it is a fact that they don’t work hard. Even if someone works hard, he or she will be misled under wrong guidance. Here you all need an experienced guide who show you the right path and brings you to your final destination. IASToppers will be your that guide in all senses.

For getting rank this year, you just follow the Middle Path [suggested by Buddha]. You don’t have to be super brilliant. All you need is SMART Work. As you all know that the syllabus of UPSC CSE Prelims as well as Mains is somewhat lengthy vis a vis the time duration available for preparation. Only SMART Work can save you from being exhausted and it also can maintain tempo throughout the preparation. IASToppers is your companion who helps you to prepare smartly. IASToppers is a Smart Choice for Smart People.

Every year, around 4 to 5 Lakh candidates appeared in the Civil Services Prelims Exam. [Number may be more than that]. But your Real Competition is with only two to three thousand serious aspirants who constantly toil every day to achieve their dream without experimenting their time on too many strategies. It’s a strange but true. You must be part of this group if you really want to crack this exam.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” If you want to be a Topper, then Start TODAY and give promise to yourself – ‘I never STOP in between till I reach my goal’.

Once you believe in something that has worked for past many years, trust it and pursue it.

We’re just going to demonstrate you the route that has worked for many. You must do Self-Study and we sincerely believe that we will do our best to help you in this journey.

ROADMAP for IAS 2020: A Prelims-Mains Integrated Strategy

We keep repeating that Prelims-Mains integrated approach to your preparation is the key to your success in civil services exam. By following this philosophy, we are presenting a Roadmap for CSE 2020 which will keep you focused and busy till the final stage i.e. Interview 2020.

We hereby present One Stop Integrated Roadmap for Prelims + Mains + Interview. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Prelims 2020: Target 150+

As far as Prelims is concerned, you should be more broad-based than in-depth. You should prepare comprehensively covering NCERTs, Basic Standard Reference Books and Daily Current Affairs. You should have target of having excel in all important issues that are taking shape around us.

We thus crafted our 2020 Timetable in such a manner that if you follow it religiously, you will definitely clear both Prelims and Mains in the 2020 attempt.

You need to follow the schedule and exercise every test as many times as possible to get there. There is no shortcut to Success. For this, 9 months of time is fairly enough.

The first obstacle you have to cross is Prelims. You never have to take opportunities. If you don’t clear prelims with a comfortable margin, you will have to face a painful wait of one year. You should not play with your attempts and life itself.

For Prelims 2020, our strategy will be helpful in two ways:

1) Daily Free Initiatives running on www.iastoppers.com

2) Target IAS Topper 2020 Programme [Paid] [We will discuss them in detail in this article]

By religiously following our both Free and Paid resources, you will not only achieve target of 150+ marks in Prelims but also will definitely clear the whole exam in one attempt.

Mains 2020

As far as Mains preparation is concerned, your preparation should rely on how well you master current affairs and static concepts, and how well you learn to incorporate both of them into your Mains answers.

Two variables depend on the mastering Current affairs: a good understanding of background information and a decent analysis of specific issues. With these two variables, you can comfortably justify your answer keeping in mind the demand of a particular question asked. This is the main key to success in Mains examination. Here, the rigorous practice of Mains questions on daily basis will help a lot in this regard. We will shortly launch Free initiative for providing complete solution to your Mains Answer Writing practice.

How to integrate Prelims and Mains Preparation?

For Current Affairs based Questions:

When you follow our Current Affairs Analysis, you will be reading current affairs from both Prelims and Mains perspective. After that, when you follow Prelims 2020 specific initiatives like Daily Quiz, Daily Flash Cards etc. and Mains 2020 specific initiatives like Editorial Notes, Mains Article, Mind Maps, Mains Answer Writing etc., your performance will increase day by day with increasing confidence. When you follow our Mains Answer Writing practice initiative, you will gradually learn how to excel in Mains answer writing including both static as well as current events-based questions. In addition to our free initiatives, our Target IAS Topper 2020 programme will be immensely useful.

For Static Questions

For static part of Prelims and Mains, our Target IAS Topper 2020 programme will be very instrumental. Our programme completely covers whole syllabus of Prelims GS paper-1 and all GS papers of Mains. Schedules given in this programme are fully Prelims-Mains integrated. When you prepare for Prelims Tests, you will be reading books from Mains perspective as well. Additionally, we will also cover Static part questions in our Prelims Daily Quiz + Daily Flash Cards and Mains Answer Writing practice initiative.

Coupled with free initiatives, our Target IAS Topper 2020 programme will be a gamechanger.

What for Interview preparation?

In order to get you a rank, interview is highly essential. Please also prepare for interview while preparing for Prelims and Mains. Preparation of Personality Test or commonly called Interview will never a worrisome issue only for those who prepare well for Prelims and Mains. Interview preparation is continuous process along with Prelims and Mains. What matters the most is various traits of your personality i.e. honesty, analysis & clarity on issues, articulation of thoughts etc.

Personality improvement is not one day game. You should continuously strive towards it. Few initiatives can help you in this regard. You can build your opinion on various issues and also learn from the experts of their respective fields. For this, you can follow our various important initiatives like Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV debate summaries, AIR summaries and Daily Debates. We will shortly resume our initiative -Daily Debate. Do participate daily and you will feel the positive change in your thought process within few days of practice.

‘Target IAS Topper 2020’ 3 Unique Courses + New Amazing Features

There are many kinds of aspirants who prepare for UPSC CSE exam. Those aspirants who are new to this field always want to explore everything despite suggestions given by toppers. Others are those who have either experience in giving Prelims/Mains/Interview or just have experience of reading books suggested for UPSC.

Under Target IAS Topper 2020, we try to provide one stop solution for all kinds of aspirants keeping in mind their respective requirements. But the aim for all is common – A Decent Rank in IAS 2020.

This year, we are coming with 3 Courses keeping in mind the demands of various categories of UPSC civil services aspirants. We try to serve the requirements of Flashers, Veterans and Working Professionals.

Four Courses are:

  1. Foundation
  2. Essential
  3. Advance
  4. Ultimate

Let’s discuss all of them one by one.


Focus on:

This course focuses on building your fundamental strong. For that, under this course, we will provide you schedule covering all important NCERT Textbooks, NIOS resources, Tamil Nadu Board Textbooks and ICSE textbooks.

NCERTs will be covered from 6th STD. to 12th STD. targeting all static subjects of Prelims Syllabus i.e. History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Environment and Science.

NIOS resources are also important for subjects like History, Geography, Environment and Science.

Tamil Nadu Board textbooks are highly recommended for History subject. We will cover its important textbooks.

We will also cover ICSE textbooks especially for subjects like Geography and Environment.

Under this course, you will get schedule which will guide you how to use these very fundamental books to make your basics strong. These textbooks are essential for both Prelims and Mains preparation.

Recommended for whom?

  • All Freshers who wants to make his/her fundamental pillars powerful
  • All aspirants who never read all these foundational books in such a systematic manner
  • All aspirants who have already read these books but want to brush up all important concepts

Features of Foundation Course

  1. Total 20 Full-length Tests for Prelims General Studies Paper-1 [100 Questions each]
  2. Total 5 Aptitude Tests for Prelims CSAT Paper-2 [80 Questions each]
  3. Total 500 Flash Cards covering whole syllabus of Prelims Tests [Static + Current]
  4. Access to a dedicated platform
  5. All features common to Target IAS Topper 2020 programme
Course Duration:
  • From September 2019 to December 2019 [4 Months]
Last Date to Join:
  • Any time before Prelims 2020 [Suggested to join earliest]
Fee Structure:
  • ₹ 4560/ Only [Original Price]
  • Target IAS Topper 2020: Roadmap & Programme Details | IASToppers
Final Price: ₹ 4100/- Only [Including All Taxes]



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Focus on:

If you want an integrated course combining all features of our Foundation and Essential courses, here is the answer – Advance Course.

This course gives you a strong option for integration of your fundamental reading of NCERTs, NIOS etc. with reading of Standard Reference books. This course also includes Mains Tests as well. In that sense, this course provides an Advance option for making your Prelims and Mains preparation complete. This course covers all foundational textbooks mentioned in our Foundation Course + all standard reference books mentioned in our Essential Course.

This course provides you a hassle-free solution to your Prelims and Mains preparation as it is highly integrated course covering whole syllabus of Prelims GS paper-1 and all GS papers [paper-1 to 4] of Mains exam.

Under this course, you will get schedule which will guide you how to integrate your Prelims and Mains preparation which is the key to success in this examination.

Recommended for whom?
  • All Freshers who wants to prepare with Prelims-Mains integrated approach
  • All aspirants who never prepare with Prelims-Mains integrated approach in such a systematic manner
Features of Advance Course
  1. Total 52 Full-length Tests for Prelims General Studies Paper-1 [100 Questions each]
  2. Total 10 Aptitude Tests for Prelims CSAT Paper-2 [80 Questions each]
  3. Total 2000 Flash Cards covering whole syllabus of Prelims Tests [Static + Current]
  4. Total 16 Mains Tests of General Studies Paper-1 to 4
  5. Access to a dedicated platform
  6. All features common to Target IAS Topper 2020 programme
Course Duration:
  • From September 2019 to March 2020 [7 Months for Prelims Tests] [Mains Tests will be upto Mains 2020]
Last Date to Join:
  • Any time before Prelims 2020 [Suggested to join earliest]
Fee Structure:
  • ₹ 11,110/ Only [Original Price]

Currently we are providing 10% Discount on our all courses.

Final Price: ₹ 9999/- Only [Including All Taxes]



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We are proudly announcing ULTIMATE Course – a one-stop solution for whole examination.

All features and tests of our previous courses will be covered under this single most powerful course. In addition to these, you will get more Tests of Prelims and Mains + more number of Flash Cards and Essay Guidance. Here, the more number of tests doesn’t mean that it will be a dump yard of all important concepts and topics. IASToppers’ Ultimate Course provides you an opportunity for rigorous practice of Prelims and Mains exam and this practice is the most important element for achieving decent rank in a single attempt.

We craft this course keeping in mind various requirements of all types of UPSC CSE aspirants. This course will be your torchbearer even before few days of Prelims Tests and few days before Mains tests. It will be your all-weathered strong companion who will guide you throughout your whole preparation. It will make you engaged and focused till you achieve your final aim.

We recommend this course to all regular as well as working professional who want to clear the whole exam with single most Strategy. After subscribing to this course, you will be free from all worries. You don’t have to plan by yourself and in this way, you can save your many precious hours.

Recommended for whom?
  • For All Freshers, Veterans and Working Professionals who want to crack IAS 2020 at any cost.
Features of Ultimate Course
  1. For All Freshers, Veterans and Working Professionals who want to crack IAS 2020 at any cost.
  2. Total 10 Aptitude Tests for Prelims CSAT Paper-2 [80 Questions each]
  3. tal 4000 Flash Cards covering whole syllabus of Prelims Tests [Static + Current]
  4. Total 30 Mains Tests of General Studies Paper-1 to 4
  5. Essay Guidance
  6. Access to a dedicated platform
  7. All features common to Target IAS Topper 2020 programme
Course Duration:
  • From September 2019 to Mid-May 2020 [8.5 Months for Prelims Tests] [Mains Tests will be upto Mains 2020]
Last Date to Join:
  • Any time before Prelims 2020 [Suggested to join earliest]
Fee Structure:
  • ₹ 16,200 / Only [Original Price]

Currently we are providing 10% Discount on our all courses.

Final Price: ₹ 14580/- Only [Including All Taxes]



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Below table gives you an idea of what these 4 courses are providing:

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Salient Features of Target IAS Topper 2020



How IASToppers helps?

Apart from Target IAS Topper 2020 [paid programme], we are running many free initiatives on our main portal www.iastoppers.com targeting all stages of examination i.e. Prelims + Mains + Interview.

Below are the list of our initiatives

  • Current Affairs Analysis for Prelims & Mains 2020 [Updated Daily]
  • Flash Cards for Prelims 2020: Current & Conventional [Updated Daily]
  • Daily Prelims Quiz for Prelims 2020: Current & Conventional [Updated Daily]
  • Editorial Notes for Mains 2020 [Updated Daily]
  • Mains Articles for Mains 2020 [Updated Regularly]
  • Mains Answer Writing for Mains 2020 [Updated Daily]
  • Mind Maps for Mains 2020 [Updated Daily]
  • Video Summary for Mains & Interview 2020 [Updated Daily]
  • Debate of the Week for Mains & Interview 2020 [Updated Weekly]
  • Essay of the Week for Mains 2020 [Updated Weekly] etc.

You don’t need to go anywhere for UPSC IAS exam.

What to do now?

In this article, we represent a crystal clear Roadmap. If you start following this roadmap and stick to this roadmap till the end, you will be heading towards your aim with lots of confidence. This roadmap will keep you away from distractions and help you focus on what matters most for you i.e. getting a rank in your very first attempt.

Aspirants tend to waste lots of time when they think that they have lots of months with them. Joining our test series makes sure that you won’t waste your time.

If you are aiming to get rank in 2020, don’t wait longer!






Email Assistance:

In case of any technical or any other query, feel free to contact us at contact@iastoppers.com

Final Note:

If you take an example of any random topper, you will get through one common feature – CONSISTENCY. Your Consistency is an important secret behind your Success.

Half-hearted preparation will not get you anywhere. If you make your mind to achieve your aim – IAS 2020, don’t look back. Prepare the timetable and start putting your efforts till you achieve your aim.

None other but only you are the one who can make you IAS. Indeed, there are few companions like IASToppers always with you in your journey. But ultimately it rests on you.

Sometimes LATER becomes NEVER. Start your preparation right now. Your aim is not too far from you.


All the Best!!!

Great wishes from IASToppers’ Team